Why Join?

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is the nation’s leading voice promoting equity and education for women and girls. AAUW breaks down barriers for women in education, in the workplace, and in our communities—locally, regionally, and globally.  Your voice and your ideas are powerful. Maybe you’d like to empower local college women to be leaders or help a woman in your community get paid fairly.  We know you’re balancing a busy life. That’s why AAUW membership is simple; you can be as involved as you want to be.  It takes only one voice to start making a change. Imagine how much stronger that voice grows when joined by 170,000 friends!

Your membership in the AAUW-Laguna Beach branch supports our mission-based activities and opens the door for you to join one or more of our many interest groups.  Join our branch and enjoy the benefits of being part of a community of 150+ local like-minded women!

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Membership is open to individuals holding an associate or higher degree from a higher education accredited institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Membership Annual Dues Levels

  • Regular  $122 – national $72 ($69 tax deductible), state $20, branch $30
  • Dual $30 – branch dues only
  • 50-Year Honorary Life Member  $30 – branch dues only
  • C/U Representative Member $50
  • Student Undergraduate at a Non-AAUW C/U Member College $38.81  – national $18.81 ($16.81 tax deductible), state $20, branch $0
  • Student Undergraduate at an AAUW C/U Member College $20 – national $0, state $20, branch $0
Membership Application


Should you have any questions, please contact AAUW Laguna Beach at