College/University Partnerships

AAUW Local and National Opportunities for AAUW College Women 2019-20

  • National College Conference for Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL)
    • AAUW LB sponsors $1500 for 1 woman from LCAD and 2 women from OCC to attend the NCCWSL annual conference in Washington D.C.
    • Conference occurs annually over the first weekend in June
    • Colleges advertise application dates. Notify your Dean of Students of your interest
    • For further information about the upcoming NCCWSL conference, check the AAUW National website at
  • Scholarships for Women in Need
    • AAUW LB offers scholarships to women attending college ranging from $1,500-$2,000
    • Scholarships are posted by your local college and/or on the AAUW Laguna Beach web site in the fall of each year
    • Apply to your campus Scholarship Office or check the AAUW Laguna Beach website at
  • Start Smart Workshop and Worksmart Salary Negotiation Workshops
    • These are both AAUW salary negotiation workshops. Start Smart is directed at young women entering the work force and Worksmart is for mid-career women seeking salary advancement.
    • Contact your Career Services Director if you are interested in having a Start Smart workshop offered on your campus
    • Worksmart can be taken online at
  • AAUW Campus Action Project (CAP)
    • AAUW National awards 10–12 campus teams up to $5,000 to implement initiatives that promote women’s leadership.
    • For applications and further information:
  • Education Grants, Fellowships and Scholarships at the Undergraduate and Graduate Level
    • AAUW offers a wide range of educational grants, fellowships and scholarships to women pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees.
    • Check the AAUW National Web Site:

Students attending AAUW partner colleges Orange Coast College and Laguna College of Art have free national membership to AAUW. For further information about the resources available to you as AAUW members see the websites of national at and your local partner AAUW Laguna Beach at

For further information, contact AAUW LB College/Universities Partnerships Chair
Lesley Danziger.