College/University Partnerships

Any institution of higher education can become a College or University Institutional Partner. Over 800 colleges and universities are currently partnered with AAUW. By joining AAUW as a college/university partner, members receive special benefits for their students, administrators, faculty and staff, including the benefits listed below.

  • College/University Partners receive regular information about AAUW’s graduate scholarships worth $2,000-$30,000. AAUW provided $6 million in funding to more than 320 fellows and grantees in the 2022-23 awards year. Faculty and staff may also apply for these scholarships. For all national AAUW grants and fellowships, see:
  • Every year, AAUW hosts nearly 1,000 college women from every state and from around the world at the three-day National College Conference for Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL). Attendees choose from more than 50 workshops that prepare them for life after college, hear inspiring role models including Women of Distinction awardees and speakers, and develop a network of women student leaders nationally and internationally. For further information about NCCWSL, check the AAUW National website at
  • Worksmart is a free online salary negotiation workshop, specifically developed to assist women graduating from college and women already in a career looking for a promotion or change in job position. Worksmart is AAUW’s response to closing the pay gap for women who still earn roughly 80% of a man’s salary. Worksmart can be taken online at

CURRENT AAUW-Laguna Beach Branch C/U Partnerships

When Colleges and Universities establish closer relationships with local branches their opportunities for collaborative projects increase. AAUW Laguna Beach works with UC Irvine, Laguna College of Art + Design (LCAD), Saddleback College and Orange Coast College (OCC).

  • AAUW Laguna Beach offers approximately $6,000 in scholarships per institution to women students attending these colleges and universities. For further information on the scholarships awarded by our branch, go to this website’s Scholarship page.
  • LCAD students also participate in the AAUW Laguna Beach annual Art Seminar to show and sell their work
  • OCC and LCAD have both partnered with AAUW Laguna Beach for scholarship fundraising events

For further information about AAUW Laguna Beach College and University Partnerships, contact Lesley Danziger at