It takes a village to make things happen!  Below is the  list of AAUW Laguna Beach members who have stepped up to help the branch fulfill its mission during the 2022-23 fiscal year.

Elected Board, 2023/2024

Leadership Council Directors:







AAUW-LBF Director:

Appointed Board

AAUW Funds: Jean Brotherton
Bylaws: Jean Brotherton, Karen Dennis
C/U Partnerships: Lesley Danziger
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI): 
Fellowships/Grants: Jean Brotherton
Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF):
Public Policy: Elizabeth Busick
STEM Coordinator:
Tech Trek: Karen Dennis

Committees and Projects

Communications Coodinator: Nancy Miller
Facebook Editor: Trish Boyer
    Calendar: Nancy Miller
    Newsblast! newsletter e-blasts: Latha Kumar
    Print Media Liaison:
    Website Manager: Peggie Thomas
Directory Editor:
Jean Brotherton
Joyce Bartlett, Lynn Osth
Interest Groups: 

Literary Luncheon Co-Chairs:
Audrey Locke
Scholarships Coordinators: Farie Momayez, Audrey Locke  
      Estancia High School: Sigrid Moranz
      Laguna Beach High School: Nancy Miller
Laguna College of Art + Design:
Pamela Broadman, Loren Michelson
      Orange Coast College: Lesley Danziger
      Saddleback College: Farie Momayez, Audrey Locke
      NCCWSL (Leadership Conference): Lesley Danziger
STEM (External Programs): Karen Dennis
Sunshine & Sympathy Cards: Peggie Thomas
The Learning Club (TLC) Tutoring: Kathy Willman